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  • 1903, Bolt Body
    $25.00 1903, Bolt Body
    1903/A3 Bolt Body.  USGI, used, black park marked B&S replacement body. 

  • 1903, Cut-off
    $15.00 1903, Cut-off
    M1903/A3 Cut-offs.  Used, USGI.  Choose serif (little lines on the letters) blued & marked with R for Remington (bottom row) or sans serifs (straight letter w/o the little lines) and parked (top row)...

  • 1903, Extractor
    $10.00 1903, Extractor
    1903/A3 Extractor.  Marked R for Remington.  Appears to by unissued and new old stock.

  • 1903, Handguard Spacer
    $5.00 1903, Handguard Spacer
    1903/A3.  Handguard Spacer.  Appears to be unissued and new old stock (NOS).