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Arsenal Repark- A frosty green park. Detail is muted on the metal.

As Issued- An original firearm with all issued accoutrements. The highest level for an original firearm. (Ex. An Original M1 Carbine with proper Oiler, Sling, & 2 magazines.)

Black Oxide- A type of parkerization which is charcoal black and frosty in appearance. No known use in US facilities, except current M16 types firearms. Usually found on Greek returned firearms.  

Blued- A type of finish (variant of rust) usually found on earlier USGI firearms and smaller parts such as pins. Some larger parts appeared blued such as barrels.

Bring Back- A firearm which was issued to a Soldier who brought it back to the US in the same state it was received. Modifications and customization may have taken place. Sometimes the Bring Back has documentation to show legitimacy. Lack of documentation or original appearance should be suspect.

Bubbified- A modified part(s) or firearm usually crude and for no apparent good reason by Bubba.

Cartouche- A USGI markers mark made by the manufacturer for the govt.  Cartouches can be found on wood rifle stocks.

CMP- US Govt sanctioned organization, Civilian Marksmanship Program. CMP sold firearms in the 2000s to present. These guns do not have import marks.

Correct- A USGI part which is good for the appropriate time frame of the original produced firearm or a firearm which has all appropriate & correct parts of the original produced firearm. A correct firearm is restored & non-original firearm.

Cross Cannons- A USGI mark denoting acceptance of a firearm by the govt usually consisting of 2 crossed cannons within a belt with a flaming bomb in the top portion.  Usually found next to a cartouche on a wood stock.  Sometimes found on rifle barrels and some Springfield Armory adjustable rear sights for the M1 Carbine.

DCM- US Govt sanctioned organization, Director of Civilian Marksmanship, predecessor to the current CMP, Civilian Marksmanship Program. DCM sold firearms in the 1950s-1990s. These guns do not have import marks.

Du-Lite- A trademarked term for finish similar to bluing. Used on numerous Winchester small parts.

Flaming Bomb- A logo for military Ordnance. Consists of a old cannon ball with flames emitting from the top. Comes in many different variations and sizes.

Humper/ed- Derogatory term, a person or part which is reproduction or a modified USGI part and past off as being USGI or original.

Import Marks- Marks placed on a firearm by an importer as require by law. Usually found on an exposed area of the barrel. Other locations found: under bayonet lug (M1 Carbine), under handguards, on barrel near slide/oprod cut-out, & on the receiver. Beware of removed import marks.

Modified- A USGI part which was modified either by the government or a Soldier.

New In Wrap (NIW)- NOS that is contained in the original wrapper as produced by the manufacturer. Must be unopened.

New Old Stock (NOS)- manufactured parts by government contract that was not installed.

Original- a firearm which was produced by a manufacturer, issued to the government without any changes to any part or modification, or addition of any part.

Parkerized- A type of durable finish used on many military firearms and their parts. Short form “Parked”. Usually ranges from a black, frosty black, deep green, frosty green, or gray flat appearance. USGI parkerization was usually a deep green or greenish-gray.

Post-War- The period after WWII.

Pre-War- Any period before December 7, 1941.

Replacement Part- An authorized part that was produced as a spare part to replace a broken or obsolete part.

Reproduction- A part commercially produced part by a private company for their own purpose to appear to be, exactly or close to, a USGI part. Beware that reproduction parts may not be to government specifications and caution is advised. Sellers and gunsmiths should disclose is a part is reproduction or not.

Restoration- The process of making a firearm correct.

Sans serif- Font style without small lines “F R W I P

Serif- Font style with small lines near the ends of the letter “F R W I P

USGI (US Government Issue)- Any part produced for the US Government under a contract with strict specifications (material used, hardness, and finish.)

WWII Production- During the period December 7, 1941- September 2, 1945