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Custom Orders

  • $110.00 Cust order for Mike Gern
    Type III, H in Shield rear sight for M1 Carbine, shipping included for $50.  Also a Winchester front sight for M1 Carbine for $60, total $110 plus $8.00 shipping.

  • $175.00 Custom Order Dan Greenfield
    Inland unmarked type II Barrel Band, $175 shipped.

  • Custom Order for Andrew Butts
    $400.00 Custom Order for Andrew Butts
    As per our conversation regarding Saginaw S.G. parts: Trigger Housing type III $75 Slide stripped type IV $100 TH pin $7 Mag catch W/SG or E-SG type III $35 Front sight, RIA marked $20 Round bolt stripped $125 Trigger...

  • $100.00 Custom Order for Billy Clymer
    Winchester M1 Carbine type II Trigger housing.  Refinished, no oil hole, both hammer strikes, no M2 mod.  $100 shipped.  

  • $485.00 Custom Order for CarlWeil
    Custom order for Mr. Carl Weil.  Rockola early buttplate, S'G' type I sear, S'G' type II flat bolt, S'G' type II trigger, and S'G' type III slide, Underwood barrel "Excel Gardner, MA" Total $500. ...

  • $77.60 Custom Order for CarlWeil Winchester Slide
    Winchester type IV slide w/o ss.  Picture provided.

  • $250.00 Custom Order for Dan Newsome
    Custom order consisting of a DI marked Type II Inland Dogleg Hammer, type II unmarked safety, type I mag and safety plunger with spring, and a DI marked type II Recoil Plate for $250 shipped.

  • $125.00 Custom Order for Donald Clarke
    Type II Rock-ola TH, photos provided

  • $90.00 Custom Order for Drew Burham
    Custom Order for Drew Burham.  Winchester Type I slide without slide stop or spring.  Marked W in the well and has the heart shaped cam cut.  Photos previously provided via email.  Price shipped for $90...

  • Custom Order for Felix Valdez-Loqui
    $360.00 Custom Order for Felix Valdez-Loqui
    Rock-ola parts provided with photos: Type II Trigger Housing $125 Type IV Slide with Slide Stop & Spring Type II Trigger $50 Type III Recoil Plate $50 Total $360 shipped by Rob, not including sales tax...

  • Custom Order for Josh Boutin
    $55.00 Custom Order for Josh Boutin
    Custom order for Josh Boutin consisting of a USGI M1 Carbine oiler marked II, reparked, and correct leather washer.  Price $55.00 shipped.  Thank you...

  • $400.00 Custom Order for Josh Boutin Inland Trigger Housing
    As previously agreed upon one type II original Inland complete trigger housing with dogleg hammer, type II push safety, type IIa short smooth face mag catch.  Photos previously provided.  Shipped...

  • Custom Order for Luke
    $335.00 Custom Order for Luke
    Custom for Luke consisting of one Rock-ola I cut stock, low wood, nice cartouche and crossed cannons, no rebuild marks, serif large P on the pistol grip, normal dents and dings, reddish hue.  With RMC handguard with...

  • $49.00 Custom order for Mr Neil Potter Carbine Book Reisch
    Custom order for Mr Neil Potter Carbine Book Reisch, includes shipping to AUS.

  • Custom Order for Phil Braxton
    $125.00 Custom Order for Phil Braxton
    A type IV Rockola slide, refinished, with type II slide stop and spring.  $125.00 shipped.

  • $115.00 Custom Order for Phil Braxton #2
    Actually R type IV TH.  Shipped for 115.  No R recoil plates.

  • $1,150.00 Custom Order for Richard Lamont

  • $85.00 Custom order for Roger Line
    Custom order for Roger Line consisting of Inland products, type III extractor, unmarked type III push safety, and buttplate.  For $110 less trade-in of IP buttplate.  All photos provided via e-mails.  Total...

  • $435.00 Custom Order for Tom Boyer
    Custom order for Tom Boyer of the previously reviewed I cut, M1 Crbine stock marked IR-IP in the slingwell and S'G' cartouche on the right side.  AAL rebuild mark, one brass pin, 1079 stencil and 262 painted. ...

  • $45.00 Custom Order Mike Brown Win Carb Trig Shipped
    Custom Order Mike Brown Winchester Carbine Trigger Shipped for $45.00.

  • $190.00 Custom Order Paul Morency
    Custom order for Paul.  Rock-ola parts; IV slide, trigger, and III recoil plate as pictured in an e-mail.  $190 shipped.  Thank Paul and always e-mail me before...

  • $155.00 Custom Order Rock-ola Parts Dan Newsome
    Custom order of Rock-ola: Ty II Sear, Ty II Frt Sight, Ty II FP, and Ty III Hammer, all shipped...

  • $610.00 Custom Order Scott A Holmes
    As per our telephone conversation.  QHMC oval highwood stock, complete (disassembled) EM-Q flat bolt with all QHMC internals, LT-Q blued type II dog leg hammer, QHMC buttplate, LT-Q trigger, GE-Q type I sear, and QHMC...

  • $150.00 Custom Order2 for Drew Burham
    Winchester 2 large weld barrel band with screw, both USGI.  2d band from the right in the photo provided via e-mail earlier.

  • $165.00 Order 2 for Scott Holmes
    BQ flip sight, IQ oiler, partial thread recoil screw, and buttplate screw with free shipping.