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Custom Orders

  • $110.00 Cust order for Mike Gern
    Type III, H in Shield rear sight for M1 Carbine, shipping included for $50.  Also a Winchester front sight for M1 Carbine for $60, total $110 plus $8.00 shipping.

  • $175.00 Custom Order Dan Greenfield
    Inland unmarked type II Barrel Band, $175 shipped.

  • $250.00 Custom Order for Dan Newsome
    Custom order consisting of a DI marked Type II Inland Dogleg Hammer, type II unmarked safety, type I mag and safety plunger with spring, and a DI marked type II Recoil Plate for $250 shipped.

  • $49.00 Custom order for Mr Neil Potter Carbine Book Reisch
    Custom order for Mr Neil Potter Carbine Book Reisch, includes shipping to AUS.

  • $45.00 Custom Order Mike Brown Win Carb Trig Shipped
    Custom Order Mike Brown Winchester Carbine Trigger Shipped for $45.00.

  • $155.00 Custom Order Rock-ola Parts Dan Newsome
    Custom order of Rock-ola: Ty II Sear, Ty II Frt Sight, Ty II FP, and Ty III Hammer, all shipped...

  • $610.00 Custom Order Scott A Holmes
    As per our telephone conversation.  QHMC oval highwood stock, complete (disassembled) EM-Q flat bolt with all QHMC internals, LT-Q blued type II dog leg hammer, QHMC buttplate, LT-Q trigger, GE-Q type I sear, and QHMC...

  • $165.00 Order 2 for Scott Holmes
    BQ flip sight, IQ oiler, partial thread recoil screw, and buttplate screw with free shipping.